30 second videos for our activities for formative assessment

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan is the Founder & CEO of Antimatter

We've done many 1:1 walkthroughs with our teacher community over the years and have had lots of requests for videos that give an overview of our activities. We listened.

Check out each of the videos below from our founder, or check out the YouTube playlist. If you're new to Antimatter, we offer a suite of scaffolded activities oriented around meme creation for formative assessment. Each activity takes less than a minute to set up and share, and sets you up for 20-25 minutes of creativity and discussion.


Heatmap is a fun, simple activity where students can create memes in a shared workspace. The more students “bless” each others’ memes, the more they glow.

Educated Guess

With Educated Guess, you’re not only asking your students to make memes, you’re asking them to make puzzles.

New Phone Who Dis

New Phone Who Dis is perfect for anyone who has tried iFakeTextMessage, Fakebook, or any other activity that simulates iPhone chats or social media.

Fan Favorite

Fan Favorite is a great activity for organizations, entire grades or schools, or any group larger than a classroom.