Antimatter visits Comp Sci High (and would love to visit you too!)

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan is the Founder & CEO of Antimatter
Matthew Blackman

Matthew Blackman

Matthew has over a decade of experience teaching High School AP Physics, is a graduate instructor at Rutgers' Graduate School of Education, and was named National PhysTEC Teacher of the Year in 2019.

Last Friday an Antimatter teacher invited us to visit her AP Computer Science classroom at Comp Sci High in the Bronx. Her class does an annual meme-a-thon after the AP exams, and this year did it for the first time on Antimatter.

The team at Antimatter always derives endless joy at seeing what you and your students create, but we're usually doing so from our own desks. The opportunity to see it happen in person was really extraordinary.

The event was a blast — you can see from some of the photos below that everyone had a great time, including Ms. Agrawal, who volunteered to get roasted in the memes! After a period of making memes, we reconvened for a pizza lunch, where we reviewed all the best memes and did some Q&A. The kids, budding computer scientists that they are, asked lots of great questions about building a modern technology product and what it's like to build a startup.

Here are some of the photos from our visit:

And of course the (outrageously great) memes!

We'd love to do this many more times. To that end, if you're in one of the cities where an Antimatter team member lives...

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Los Angeles
  • Pittsburgh

...we'd very happily come, visit your classroom. Of course, we'll get to learn a lot from you and your students about how we can make Antimatter better, but just as importantly, we'd happily give your students a sneak peak at what goes into building a startup and product like Antimatter. This is especially apt for computer science, design, business classes where there are students who are interested in a career in technology, but we'd love to visit any classroom that would like to have us!

To request a classroom visit, please email us at We cannot wait to visit your classrooms, and experience firsthand the joy Antimatter brings to you and your students! Cheers!