Antimatter Memes of The Week 🎉

Esra Flora

Esra Flora

Community Manager at Antimatter
Los Angeles

Happy Friday! 🎉 We are back with the best memes of the week to get you started on the 3-day weekend! If you are done with school, CONGRATULATIONS! If you are almost done, may the joy of these memes give you power!

Remember, these are real memes, created by real students, in their classroom, and it's still not too late to try Antimatter in your classroom before the school year ends! :)

This week's selection begins with a global warming meme that would make Leonardo Dicaprio a bit upset and then we take a trip to a computer science classroom meme-a-thon, and at the end, we do a quick review on the religious view of ancient civilizations and imagine Bowie as Napoleon for a second -- Enjoy!

ok, but why did it rain in LA all winter?

Can you loop the loops?

Did you know that Sumerian texts list about 3,600 deities?

Napolean: Hey siri, play "Let's dance" by David Bowie."

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