Antimatter Memes of The Week

Esra Flora

Esra Flora

Community Manager at Antimatter
Los Angeles

Happy Friday!  We are back with the best memes created in Antimatter classrooms this week! If you still haven't signed up to our semi-professional development sessions for this summer, you can check them out and sign up here.

Remember, these are real memes, created by real students, in their classrooms around the world.

This week's selection begins with organ systems in a Biology class and then we take a trip to a mysterious event that is still not solved in the US History, and at the end, we visit Rome "just" for a second before we finish this week's best memes with photoelectrons. Enjoy!

Yersinia pestis 🤝 Bubonic plague

Insert "Where have you been?" by Rihanna.

Imagine a plague being named after you 😭

Photoelectric effect in a nutshell

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