What parents and kids are saying about Antimatter Universe

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan is the Founder & CEO of Antimatter

Since 2022, Antimatter has been serving classrooms with outrageously creative meme creation activities for the classroom. On a weekly basis we've been selecting our Memes of the Week, which celebrate the best from our global community of students.

We'll often hear back from teachers with messages like this:

Or even parents with messages like this:

We've been able to serve tens of thousands of students in classrooms around the world, but there are of course many more beyond the classroom. Just as importantly, there are kids out there—kids whose brilliance may not necessarily show up on test scores, but shine with memes—that deserve a greater opportunity to shine.

That's why we built Antimatter Universe.

Introducing Antimatter Universe

Antimatter Universe is built on the same principles as our classroom activities and is deeply informed by what we've learned from teachers over the years. And now it's available to every student around the world.

The pilot program we've been running for the past few weeks has only amplified what we've been hearing from parents: They're thrilled to see their kids shining in ways they've never shined before. Here's what some parents in the pilot program had to say:

I’ve explored plenty of kids enrichment type apps. They’re usually either enriching but dry enough that my kids don’t like them, or they’re gamified enough that they were clearly made for parents to kill kids’ time, which is not what I want.

What drew me to Antimater Universe is that my kid is teaching. He lights up when he sees that other kids are taking meme quizzes he’s made.

On top of all that he’s actually learning how to make a dollar and gets to add something unique to his burgeoning resume.

Liz Berger

My son is is very smart and charismatic. He's not a test taker. I don't claim to really understand memes but I can see clearly from his memes that he's been listening in class!

The funny thing is that this has turned my son’s most challenging quality on its head. He gets in trouble in school for attention-seeking and on Universe his attention-seeking helps him succeed.

I definitely didn’t have my son teaching other kids through memes on my bingo card but as a parent it’s thrilling to see.

Greta Fox

Let's see what Greta's son created. This is a real quiz, try to see if you get it right!

World History

Ancient Civilizations

What’s this meme about?

Made by


Here's what Cam23 has to say about Universe:

Making memes is obviously more fun than making flashcards or whatever. Oh, and I even made a little money! Definitely recommend!!!


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