Looking for engaging end of the year activities? We got you!

Esra Flora

Esra Flora

Community Manager at Antimatter
Los Angeles

Hey there, teachers! As the exam season comes to an end and students know that summer is just around the corner, it can be a struggle to keep your students engaged and motivated. After  8-9 months of excessive coffee intake and juggling lots of classes, you also deserve something exciting and enjoyable for teaching at this time.

Your friends at Antimatter are here to the rescue with our unique spins on fun, end-of-the-year activities! These activities are not just engaging and collaborative, but also great for reviewing everything your students learned during the year. Teachers loved creating end-of-the-year competitions last year — check this competition in an AP Physics class  — when we had only one activity on Antimatter. Now we have a bunch of activities you can tailor to each classroom. Let's dive right in and get started!

Meme Competition: Have your students create memes that summarize the key concepts they learned throughout the year. This activity can be a fun and creative way to blow off some steam while also incorporating humor and pop culture references. Try the Fan Favorite activity on Antimatter for this one! Fan Favorite was created for all-purpose meme competitions for students of 20 or more. Students can get upvotes from family and friends, too!

Fan Favorite for meme competitions

Meme-a-lyze this: Provide your students a thought-provoking meme and have them one-up it with their own meme, explaining why they agree or disagree with the original message. Try the Heatmap activity on Antimatter for this one! Students can create and upload their memes around one meme, and upvote the ones they like the most!

Heatmap for meme-a-lyzing concepts

Meme-promptu: Give your students prompts (from a broader topic) to make a meme and let their friends guess the correct prompt while analyzing their friends’ memes. Try the Educated Guess activity on Antimatter for this one! You can give multiple prompts on Educated Guess, and project your screen to your class to review the memes & guess answers!

Educated Guess for meme-promptu 

We hope you try these activities to give your students a memorable and engaging finale to the academic year! We thought that it would be nice to add a dash of excitement and laughter to the final days of the school year while allowing your students to review and consolidate their knowledge. If you have any questions, please email us at support@antimatter.systems. We are more than happy to help! Until next time, ciao!