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Jonathan Libov

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan is the Founder & CEO of Antimatter

Here’s a phrase I bet you never thought you’d share on Facebook: “I just received my Certification in Memes for Learning”.

But Now. You. Can.

Certificate in Memes for Teaching & Learning

We didn’t want to make this a mere training session in how to use Antimatter. We wanted you to learn more about some seminal ideas. For example, do you know who coined the term “meme”? What are the three types of learning memes?

Certificate in Differentiated Instruction via AI

You can also get your certification in AI-powered instructional coaching.

Similarly, we didn’t want to build a training session on our Sorcerer product, but rather the fundamentals that address why AI may be a boon for instructional coaching and differentiated instruction. Do you know who introduced the “2 Sigma Problem”? Learn more in our Certification course:

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