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Jonathan Libov

Jonathan Libov

Jonathan is the Founder & CEO of Antimatter

We think of Antimatter as a Win / Win / Win:

  • It's a win for teachers because you're challenging your students to scale Bloom's Taxonomy and produce novel stories/works
  • It's a win for students because it's an engaging activity that spurs them to grapple with the subject matter
  • It's a win for teachers and learners everywhere because it increases the amount of learning material in the world

Increases the amount of learning material in the world? Yes! Here's how Antimatter turns every classroom into a publisher of learning material.Publish the best memes when you close a space.

Publish the best memes when you close a space

When you close a space, you have the option to contribute the blessed tiles (i.e., the best memes your students created on the topic) to Antimatter Search, which is public on our Discover page. We do this because we envision a world where students can contribute learning material to a worldwide corpus.

You'll also get a shareable link to share your classroom's work. Here's an example.

Note: When closing the space in your studio, publishing your classroom's work is opt-in. You can always choose not to publish.

Closing a space

Published work is attributed to the studio, not individuals

In order to protect the safety and integrity of your classroom, we never associate any of the users with the published content. All published content is associated with the studio and the studio only.

Note the absence of any avatars or usernames of the studio members for any public page