A Creative Project For Your Classroom: Meme Boards

Esra Flora

Esra Flora

Community Manager at Antimatter
Los Angeles

Classroom boards can reflect a class' identity and make learning visible but there is also a way to make them more fun – yes, we are talking about meme boards. Creating a meme board in the classroom can build a sense of community among students. When students see their own memes displayed alongside their peers', they feel a sense of ownership and pride in their work.

It can also serve as a way for students to connect with one another and engage in a collaborative learning experience. This community-building aspect can ultimately lead to better classroom dynamics and a more positive learning experience for all.

How to Create A Meme Board

A History meme board created by an Antimatter teacher

If you want to prepare a meme board to exhibit and celebrate your students' creativity and learning about your subject, here's how to get started;

  • Start a Heatmap activity on Antimatter, and  invite your students to your activity.
  • Advise your students to make memes that are puzzle-like. Their memes should require the person who is reading it to think about the subject matter.
  • During the activity, your students will bless each other's memes, and select the best ones (the best ones in the Heatmap accrue heat)
  • Once finished, print the best memes from your activity and place them on your meme board to celebrate.

Don't be shy! You can even exhibit your meme board in the hallway to celebrate the subject matter.

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